I wrote something

It's been long that I wrote something... Because, it's been long that I Felt something! This is the world of Apps functioning on naps; There's no time to weep, just as there's none to sleep.   It's been long that I wrote something... Because, I feel losing out on everything! The world is full of... Continue Reading →

The point that AN Average got wrong!

For most women; Keeping in mind the Indian context, marriage plays a significant part in their lives. It is condemnable how statistically only a handful of women or should I say 'girls' have their say involved at all in this decision making process. But,There's is something bigger that the average Indian has got wrong... And... Continue Reading →

So that we grow up 🌼

It's a bit lyrically, so read in flow...   and some of the subjects were metaphor-ed, so please don't judge...      I being the eldest daughter in our clan, many relatives raised question on only my existence for 6 whole years. My grandparents nowhere seemed to be happy about me. But, my father stood... Continue Reading →


The Novels have become Tiny Tales, Question-Answers have become MCQs... In this age of 'To the point', why do I feel so aimless?! The Millennials from India are soon to become the breadwinners of the world and yet why are there prolonged stratagems when they want to learn more or give themselves a better world?... Continue Reading →

Manism  👨

Have you ever shed a Tear in public? If yes, then you are a woman! 😌 If no, then CONGRATULATIONS you are a Man. How justified are we as a society to not allow a man his rights? Isn't this an act of inequality which doesn't allow a Man the freedom of expression?! A young... Continue Reading →

The Moon remains the same! 🌒

Are you the same soul that existed in your childhood? Most of us know that we aren't the same individuals that we were in our childhood... Most of us change; a few for good! Why do most people like to revisit their childhood as 'good times'? What was so different then from that now? Blame... Continue Reading →

Plant for thought 🌱

"How many members are there in your family?" Was a common question taught in preschool years... But, everybody counted only human members, some even counted pet animals but what about these plants that I nurture since I planted them and they provided me with equal or more warmth and affection? Even after several decades to... Continue Reading →

Every Peace comes with a Price! 💰

Did we loose civility in the process of civilization? Because we seem to live in the most modern form of tribes; because as per world encyclopedias, that's what the tribals do- short sighted lifestyle, self care and warfare... That's EXACTLY what the citizens of every country is busy doing; because if we are so opposed... Continue Reading →

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